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Clare Kitching

Speech and Language Therapist

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Does my child need speech therapy?


Your child may need to see a Speech and Language Therapist if they are struggling in the following areas:


•understanding what people say

•developing first words or a range  of vocabulary

•putting words together in short  


•using grammar (the small words)  in sentences

•using speech sounds correctly

•limited attention and listening  skills.

What does therapy involve?


Therapy can be weekly or fortnightly and is delivered within 6 – 8 week blocks. Targets will be set and worked upon through fun and exciting activities using a range of pictures, objects, toys and games. Activities to practise at home will be provided at the end of each session and is an important part of therapy encouraging your child to succeed and reach their maximum potential.

How long does a therapy session last?


Sessions for younger children usually last between 30 – 40 minutes due to their short attention span. Longer sessions can be provided on request for older children.

How many sessions will my child need?


This obviously depends upon the nature and severity of your child’s difficulties. Some minor difficulties may only require a few sessions whereas children with significant needs may require intervention over a longer period of time.

Where do you provide therapy?


Therapy can be provided within a suitable environment for each individual child. This can be within your own home or within school or Nursery with their prior agreement.

Can my child receive independent therapy as well as NHS therapy?


Yes. I will work closely with the NHS therapist and any other professionals involved ensuring your child receives the best possible care.




What does an assessment involve?


An assessment will need to be carried out prior to any intervention and will last between 60 – 90 minutes. This will involve taking some details regarding your child’s development as well as play based assessment and some formal assessments if appropriate. The results of the assessment will be discussed with you and any recommendations advised.