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Clare Kitching

Speech and Language Therapist

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07891 952869

[email protected]


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Clare's "learning to talk through play" Joe* took   to straight away. As a result of his speech therapy, his understanding is now almost on a par with his peers and his spoken language has come on in leaps and bounds. As a result his confidence has grown. We can't thank Clare enough for all her help.

Really appreciate that you've come to the home and to school and that you've worked with NHS Speech Therapy and school. A huge thankyou Clare - you've made such a difference!

Chloe* has really made so much progress. Her frustration when speaking to others has now disappeared as other people understand her. Chloe* has looked forward to her sessions and has always been eager to 'play the games' - I don't think she's even realised she's been learning! Thank you Clare! We'll be sure to recommend you to anyone needing SALT.


Thank you so much for all of your hard work. You really have made a huge difference to Callum*

To Clare


Thank you so much! You are so kind and helpful as you've helped me say r and th's. I always looked forward to the sessions!


From Jemima* xxxx

I would recommend you to anyone. You have been a real help with Joshua* and couldn't have done it without you. Joshua* has enjoyed the sessions.

Dearest Clare

Thank you so much for all your help with Toby*. You have made some amazing progress with Toby*. Hope you have a wonderful Summer.


Lots of love from Toby* and Angela*